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CX: making customer-centric help & support an intricate part of your brand's values

#CX gets bandied about quite frequently, these days. Anything associated with digital on social media seems tagged for good measure but do people genuinely understand its dynamic and relevance?

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Has your customer service function evolved to be able to automate elements of support with AI?

For the forward-thinking CIO or CX Director, tech-savvy Millennials and fans of Star Wars, the concept of AI-driven customer service generates real excitement.

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Customer service: how technology, process and people combine to give great experience

Whilst waiting for my car to be serviced, I was reminded how customer service controls consumer perception and impacts brand values.

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Delivering bespoke solutions for Enterprise: the role of the SaaS 'service partner'

Henry Ford is purported to have once said, ‘a customer can have a car in any colour they want as long as its black’.

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'I'm A Lover Not A Fighter': Helping Customer Support Agents & Colleagues Protect Your Brand

There is a lot of negativity and hate out there in cyberspace. And it’s not surprising when you consider how we are wound-up and egged-on by national press and media in their fight to hold our attention.

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Can retailers become nimble providers of heartening experience in 2018?

​Forrester’s ‘Why 2018 Is All About Customer Experience For The Retail Industry’ has something of a Groundhog Day feel about it.

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It's never too late to improve customer experience & service

As we rush headlong into Q4, retailers & brands place fingers in ears and hope that planning, buying and promotion delivers against expectation.

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Why SaaS needs its solution providers: The push for Enterprise

The emergence of innovative cloud-based, software over the past decade has been a big game-changer in global business. ‘Disruptors’ have emerged as latter-day Davids successfully taking on and beating corporate Goliaths at their own game.

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What CX lessons can we learn from Election 2017?

Never over-promise and under-deliver. Always under-promise and over-deliver. Rules which are core to providing a lasting and positive experience that have been forgotten during this current election campaign.

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How Which? Editorial and Digital Support has been combined to monetise customer journeys

Which Computing are one year past the launch of their intelligently designed Help Centre and according to Editor, Richard Parris ‘we wouldn't be without it’.

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