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Customer self-management: the all-new brand differentiator

Letting customers help themselves may seem a cop-out to the uninitiated. If the brand is the customer’s concierge, then surely you want an agent or colleague to metaphorically open the door and hold their hands as you walk them up the red-carpet.

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Why its time to reallocate marketing budget to enhancing customer service & experience

As the dust settles over the post-Peak and January Sales battlefield, customer service will continue to fight a rearguard action to close outstanding issues such as returns, credits and fulfilment.

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When Santa got stuck up the chimney: an omni-channel Xmas miracle

Despite what Amazon, DPD and countless other organisations tell you, Santa really does have the biggest distribution challenge of all on Christmas Eve.

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Why you must be able to personalise customer service at each and every touchpoint

As consumers, we share more data than ever. Because of this, we expect a personalised experience when we go online, enter a store or reach out to customer support with a question, query or issue.

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'Chat sh*t, get banged' - why brands should take heed of Jamie Vardy's words of wisdom

In an attempt at improving the level of home connectivity, I determined that today was the day that I was going to sign up to BT Infinity. So I naturally visited their website to see what packages were available to me.

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Black Friday: have retailers learned from their customers' experiences in 2015?

Despite record UK sales of £1.1 billion on Black Friday 2015, British shoppers were much less satisfied with retail customer service compared to the previous year.

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Smart ways to manage Delay Pay and deliver against DfT compensation plans

The announcement today that rail passengers will be able to claim compensation for delays of more than 15 minutes under new government plans will have some serious operational implications for operators already stretched in terms of dealing with claims and meeting Office of Road & Rail (ORR) standards.

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How often do you listen closely to customer conversations?

How often do you listen to what your customers are saying to you? And I’m not talking about focus groups or questionnaires.

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Questions you might want to ask in assessing whether you are ready to help your customers this Christmas?

As shoppers, we hold retailers responsible for our experiences, good or bad. And if they fail in any area, we are more than ready to shout from social media rooftops or offer up our patronage to a competitor.

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Where will the battle for Christmas shopping be won in 2016?

​As M&S continue to film it’s Christmas epic ad in Islington this month, I can’t help wondering how much cash is being invested in making sure the customer experience matches the fantasy that will play out on our screens during breaks in the X-Factor, late Autumn.

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