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Why SaaS needs its solution providers: The push for Enterprise

The emergence of innovative cloud-based, software over the past decade has been a big game-changer in global business. ‘Disruptors’ have emerged as latter-day Davids successfully taking on and beating corporate Goliaths at their own game.

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What CX lessons can we learn from Election 2017?

Never over-promise and under-deliver. Always under-promise and over-deliver. Rules which are core to providing a lasting and positive experience that have been forgotten during this current election campaign.

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How Which? Editorial and Digital Support has been combined to monetise customer journeys

Which Computing are one year past the launch of their intelligently designed Help Centre and according to Editor, Richard Parris ‘we wouldn't be without it’.

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The importance of reducing customer effort

In an ever-increasingly chaotic world, helping your customers create more time and space in their lives by reducing the effort required to communicate is paramount to the success of a brand or organisation.

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The Big Push - Article 50: an ongoing customer experience & service challenge for Government?

Having pulled the trigger on Article 50, the next couple of years will be an interesting period for the UK Government. After all, we the voting British public are in many ways customers who need to be listened to, managed in a positive way and whose loyalty the Government must ultimately seek to retain if it wants another term.

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Follow your digital leader: how you can profit from a disruptor

​We were always taught at school that their was no crime more heinous that copying someone else’s work and handing it in as your own. Yet, having read McKinsey’s white paper entitled ‘‘The Case for Digital Reinvention”, I reached the conclusion that their recommendation to organisations impacted by disruptors such as an AirBnB or an Uber is to do just that and follow the digital leader.

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Customer self-management: the all-new brand differentiator

Letting customers help themselves may seem a cop-out to the uninitiated. If the brand is the customer’s concierge, then surely you want an agent or colleague to metaphorically open the door and hold their hands as you walk them up the red-carpet.

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Why its time to reallocate marketing budget to enhancing customer service & experience

As the dust settles over the post-Peak and January Sales battlefield, customer service will continue to fight a rearguard action to close outstanding issues such as returns, credits and fulfilment.

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When Santa got stuck up the chimney: an omni-channel Xmas miracle

Despite what Amazon, DPD and countless other organisations tell you, Santa really does have the biggest distribution challenge of all on Christmas Eve.

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Why you must be able to personalise customer service at each and every touchpoint

As consumers, we share more data than ever. Because of this, we expect a personalised experience when we go online, enter a store or reach out to customer support with a question, query or issue.

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