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Onboarding, education and support - why technology is best purchased as a service

We live in an age of continual change much of which is driven by SaaS technology. In our personal lives, we readily embrace new applications and smarter ways of doing things.

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Business continuity and disaster recovery made simple: 5 cost-effective steps to get through the Winter

Give your business the gift of continuity this Christmas As I sat in the station this morning and caught up with the impact of the Weather Bomb, snow began to fall. Yes, its that time of year again. Employees will be rubbing their...

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Why customer-care must realign to be able to communicate with consumers

The e-care jewel in the crown: 'more digital the journey, the higher the satisfaction' According to a recent article published by McKinsey, an EU telecommunications company seeking to reduce the cost of customer service operations ...

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Why moving to the cloud in 2015 is imperative to the future of SME business?

Cloud applications are the building blocks for your business - we can help you put them togetherHands-up if you would like to grow your business in 2015? Better still, how would you like to achieve that growth without too much incremental cost or risk? ...

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25% of consumers to shop online more this Christmas - is your Helpdesk scalable & able to provide multi-channel support?

What do you get when you cross a robin and a lawnmower? A shredded tweet. Internet shopping is going to go through the roof again this Christmas according to a Mintel survey.One-quarter of consumers are planning to shop online mo...

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Dinosaurs and desktops: can your business IT cope with the new world?

The hazards of obsolete technology: chained to the desktop for the rest of time. Everyone knows about the dinosaurs, but no-one really knows why they became extinct. The commonly held belief is that there was some form cataclys...

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Why buying technology as a service is a game changer for your business

Technology as a Service - demystifying and removing the SH out of IT IT deployment has been practiced as a dark-art for decades. Continuing to sell it this way is the only way consultants and systems integrators can keep charging u...

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Savvy customers - how technology use at home is changing the face of customer-service.

The sort of voice call that Zendesk can help you get from your customers Hands-up if you haven’t got an Ipad or Tablet at home? Not many, I'm guessing. If your family is like mine, then there is always something happening on a ...

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Small is beautiful: why being nimble can make you a lot more competitive

Back in the 1970’s, a guy named Schumacher wrote a book called ‘Small is Beautiful’. Listed as one of the top 100 influential texts published since World War II, it posed the notion that Globalisation and mass production had dehumanised the wor...

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No more paper, please! Affordable, e-Proof Of Delivery on mobile or tablet for business.

‘Man in van or wagon’ has never been great with documentation relating to deliveries. The notes themselves are still paper-based for many SMBs and even enterprise businesses. Where they are not, it has usually involved a business purchasing a whole bunch o...

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