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Building a customised mobile application for a mobile workforce.

Managing and maintaining a mobile team of engineers, surveyors or even just delivery drivers is a plate-spinning task for any business. Assuming 100% turnout every week, you have the task of working out who does what, goes where and how you manage cancella...

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Flexible rights extended to all - how technology can ensure your company complies.

Flexible ways of working require employee and business transformation when it comes to technology and the way we interact with it. This morning’s announcement means that 20 million people now have the right to ask to work flexibly, according to the Departm...

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Eradicating human error - goal-line technology for business

Technology 1 - Human Error 0: getting it right every timeSeeing goal line technology in action for the first time at the World Cup last night during the France v Honduras game made me realise how important its role has become in eliminating costly human er...

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Remote working made simple - how agility and flexibility only comes with a 100% web business

Rush hour in Manhattan for the cost-conscious commuter I recently heard the tale of a man who in 2004 took a role in Central London having been made redundant in the North. Reluctant to move his family South and being tight with...

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Love Zendesk, love your customers!

I had the good fortune to be invited to the Zendesk Art of Customer Satisfaction conference in London last week.This was a masterclass in how technology can be used to massively improve customer service. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zendesk, it...

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Agile not fragile - how cloud applications can help startups and SMBs succeed

In a recent article on BBC News, Liverpudlian Martin Kenwright, responsible for best-selling 3D games such as Motorstorm and World Rally Championship, described setting up a business today as being ‘comically easy’ compared to when he first started out in ...

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How secure is your email? Google Apps for Business adds encryption to Gmail

Last week, Microsoft defended its right to break into customers' accounts and read their emails while Google conversely increased the security of Gmail to make mass surveillance of its customers' email practically impossible. Add to that the fact that...

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What to do when support for Windows XP and Office 2003 ends 8th April? Here's the answer.

It’s the best advert a technology service provider could wish for! For many SMBs in the UK it is also a wake-up call and a great opportunity to transform from being a desktop to a cloud-based organisation. The end of Windows XP and Office 2003 civilis...

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Give us 15 minutes of your time and we will change your working life forever.

Have a coffee, join the demonstration and see for yourself - 15 minutes is all it takesGetting the attention of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) is a challenge. Telling them they need to change the way they do things is even more difficult - especia...

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Take the Tube strike in your stride - collaborate remotely, meet online and access your business in the cloud.

MIND THE GAP! - avoid losing 2 days productivity with cloud tech. Today’s Tube strike has no doubt been an inconvenient and disruptive event for businesses large and small. Yet its impact can on the whole be avoided if as a busines...

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