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Co-Founder of Technology Service Provider, Appamondo.

Onboarding, education and support - why technology is best purchased as a service

We live in an age of continual change much of which is driven by SaaS technology. In our personal lives, we readily embrace new applications and smarter ways of doing things.

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Aligning customers, agents and colleagues to improve satisfaction & experience.

Having chaired the discussion panel a last Zendesk’s Art of Customer Satisfaction conference last week, I realised that omni-channel customer service is still work in progress for many high street brands...

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Why a digital help-centre is essential to protect your brand

Make your Help Centre a warm and wonderful destination for advice & informationThe customer service or help-centre has existed in retail for years now. A dedicated area to get advice or answers to queries or return product without slowing down the chec...

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Build real telephony capability into Zendesk


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