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Onboarding, education and support - why technology is best purchased as a service

We live in an age of continual change much of which is driven by SaaS technology. In our personal lives, we readily embrace new applications and smarter ways of doing things.

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Why relying on an IVR and call routing fails your customers.

Can you imagine going into a store to speak to the customer service desk and being asked to buy a ticket to join the queue. Even worse, imagine if there was meter charging - so the longer you stood there, the more it cost.

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Calling time on 0800 - The changing world of Inbound.

‘The end of the line for rip-off 0800 numbers’ as The Mail described Ofcom’s move to end excessive charging of free-phone numbers to mobile was welcomed by the world at large this week.

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Build real telephony capability into Zendesk


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