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Build real telephony capability into Zendesk


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Why customer-care must realign to be able to communicate with consumers

The e-care jewel in the crown: 'more digital the journey, the higher the satisfaction' According to a recent article published by McKinsey, an EU telecommunications company seeking to reduce the cost of customer service operations ...

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25% of consumers to shop online more this Christmas - is your Helpdesk scalable & able to provide multi-channel support?

What do you get when you cross a robin and a lawnmower? A shredded tweet. Internet shopping is going to go through the roof again this Christmas according to a Mintel survey.One-quarter of consumers are planning to shop online mo...

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Careless communication costs business: how to improve customer & client communication

Having spent a number of years working with Asda Walmart, I understand the value of being ‘Happy to Help’. How you deal with your customers or clients can have a very positive impact on your business = growth; or, a very negative impact = churn. Retailer...

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Savvy customers - how technology use at home is changing the face of customer-service.

The sort of voice call that Zendesk can help you get from your customers Hands-up if you haven’t got an Ipad or Tablet at home? Not many, I'm guessing. If your family is like mine, then there is always something happening on a ...

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How to build a Helpdesk that has your customers best interests at heart

How many customers believe that calling a customer helpline will be of assistance in an ‘hour of need’? More importantly, do businesses actually set-up inbound call centres with the objective of helping customers at all? Or is it just a me...

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Love Zendesk, love your customers!

I had the good fortune to be invited to the Zendesk Art of Customer Satisfaction conference in London last week. This was a masterclass in how technology can be used to massively improve customer service. For those of you who are unfamiliar with...

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