2019: A Continued Year of Tech Transformation For Business

Written by Michael Smith on the 12th of February, 2019


So much is likely to change this year. Some good and some definitely for the worse. Yet what is clear is that shifts and continued disruption from more agile organisations will force organisational change and transformation amidst legacy giants.

Our broken political system is not something that as a business we can influence. However, the weapon we do have in our armoury as a catalyst for positive change in the commercial world is technology.

Tech is starting to permeate even the most archaic organisations, melting the invisible silo walls that prevent smooth and efficient interaction and allowing more effective, tactile and personal management of an empowered, mobile millennial customer.

API-fuelled, customer-centric software is an enigma to many decision makers at the top of the corporate ladder. Yet there is a growing realisation that if ‘data’ is the be-all and end-all, then the war-chest that is required to re-engineer and take advantage of this, must contain next generation tools to manage customer journeys.

Increasingly during 2018, we found ourselves in a position of assisting more traditional organisations understand why and how this change could in reality be simply delivered. Travelling from the art of the possible to SaaS-driven oasis is no longer a capital intensive exercise, involving teams of consultants, complex analysis and requirements documentation (that is usually out of date by the time it is presented for sign off).

Blowing one’s own trumpet is perhaps a little vulgar, but in 2018 we were honoured to be named Zendesk’s Innovation Partner of the Year. With ‘Agile’ continuing to replace ‘Waterfall’, innovation has become key to success (sorry, but your IT dept. can no longer just buy a box with  a technical knitting pattern!).

The skill is reinterpreting business processes and allowing them to work more efficiently on new, more dynamic and nimble platforms that can connect the customer to the beating heart of a brand.

We are now well into February - what is very apparent is that 2019 will be yet another year of transformation.

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