'I'm A Lover Not A Fighter': Helping Customer Support Agents & Colleagues Protect Your Brand

Written by Michael Smith on the 3rd of January, 2018

There is a whole lot of negativity and hate out in cyberspace. Should we be surprised when our anxiety levels are wound-up by national press and media and our role models are world leaders and politicians peddling petty, playground banter and threats across borders and Parliamentary chambers?

No wonder keeping customers ‘happy’ can be a little bit more challenging. Consumers are lately prone to shoot first and ask questions later, all to readily taking to the brand killing-fields of social media to vent their spleens.

Which is why brands have to be that much more careful about how they manage customer journeys, notably across multiple channels. It’s never been more important for an organisation to maintain a single view of every interaction. 

Agent and colleague training and support has to be more than just reactive. Frontline troops need to be ‘lovers’ not ‘fighters’. Not just able to empathise but possessing the tools at their fingertips to be able to respond or escalate appropriately. Pre-empting that mother-of-all over-reactions is all about having the right information at hand to solve problems ‘real-time’.

Deployment of omni-channel help-desk software allows brands to analyse all inbound interactions, behaviour and workflows. This means that there is an opportunity to create content that can make an agent or colleague's life easier by arming them with the right Tweet, eMail or scripted response with the correct tone, or articles that detail how to solve a particular problem.

Channels like 'chat' used properly can be great ways of performing ‘triage’ whilst agents in turn can use internal tools to escalate issues or pass on calls and chats to line managers or groups more able to deal with technical questions than themselves.

Finally, bespoke applications and 3rd party software integrations can assist a customer service team remove the impermeable silos that exist on intra-departmental basis, allowing issues and workflows to be managed to timeframes and SLAs.

January is a time when this message should be more than poignant, as contact centre become inundated with product queries and fulfilment centres with returns. Perhaps now is the time to consider how you can better deal with this in January 2019.

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