CX: making customer-centric help & support an intricate part of your brand's values

Written by Michael Smith on the 20th of June, 2018

#CX gets bandied about quite frequently, these days. Anything associated with digital on social media seems tagged for good measure but do people genuinely understand its dynamic and relevance?

If customer experience can be defined as the sum of positive or negative feelings derived from and during a customer’s journey, then it’s important to recognise that it will be impacted by every single touchpoint, whether digital or legacy in a customer’s life-time.

Measuring and improving CX requires an organisation to take a long, hard look in the mirror or rather a walk in the shoes of the consumer, agent and colleague to understand what is experienced when interacting with or on behalf of a brand.

This close correlation that exists between brand equity and CX, means marketing investment can no longer be ‘front-loaded’ toward acquisition but must be redistributed to maintain a positive experience over time.

You can only improve experience and customer journeys when you understand ‘expectation’ . What we expect today is convenience and rapid resolution without distraction. Self-management, effortless interaction from smart devices on chat, via forms or social media are now key to retention and extending life-time value.

Many brands are still unable to provide this, remaining married to legacy-contact centre technologies that rely upon inbound telephony and email. Even where digital channels have been added the ‘dots’ are seldom ‘joined’ to maintain an all-important single view of the customer.

In this new world, the CX stakeholders have to recognise the issue and bridge the gap by investing or influencing investments in technologies that support digital-engagement and collaboration across pre-sales/point-of-sale, fulfilment, finance/billing and after-sales environments.

CX-focused technologies like Zendesk can be customised to carefully and precisely deliver branded-content, self-management options and the omni-channel tools to provide knowledge-driven ‘hand-holding’ via agents and colleagues that will make customer journeys effortless from start to finish.

As a result, customer help & support teams can become a far more potent force and point-of-difference, to the extent that brand-marketing can promise an outstanding experience without the fear of online or Watchdog retribution!

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