The Big Push - Article 50: an ongoing customer experience & service challenge for Government?

Written by Michael Smith on the 30th of March, 2017

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Having pulled the trigger on Article 50, the next two years will be an interesting time for UK Government. We the voting British public are customers who must be listened to and whose loyalty Government must ultimately retain if it wishes another term.

For all the chirping about ‘the will of the British people’, the referendum was a pretty close run thing. Half the population is therefore not getting what it wished for. What makes this more complex, is that this division crosses the political divide.

A large, proportion of Tory voters have had to face up to the fact that they have a PM who has to deliver an outcome and a vision she (and they) did not believe in, with Ministers who ran a cross-party Leave campaign in conflict with their wishes. 

Even in opposition, Labour is challenged to rally the support of a largely Northern contingent of Brexit voters more angered by mythical regional inequalities as a result of EU membership (ironic when you consider the levels ERDF spending poured into South Wales and the North East) and immigration, than social inequality and workers rights. 

Currently, the Government is failing to manage our expectation and leaving the Media as our only resource for dealing with queries and issues, mischievously answering them in a series of interviews and debates such as the near punch-up witnessed between Campbell and Farage on Good Morning Britain this week. 

As we know from our own experiences with brands, when we don’t get a straight answer and rapid resolution, we become disillusioned and go elsewhere. 

Giving us access to a resource capable of answering our immediate questions relating to our exiting the EU and alleviating the increasing uncertainty around its impact is key to winning back bewildered supporters.

The Government needs to take a tip from the digital world of disruption and use technology to control and analyse conversations and give us access to relevant knowledge to either self-manage and find answers to our own questions or raise them directly with qualified 'agents'. 

Having listened to the excellent Oliver Ilott on BBC News on 29th March, there are both intelligent, practical-minded people and the content available within Institute of Gov to manage our collective and individual requirements for information. If he gives me a call, I'll willingly show him how you can build this on Zendesk's technology.

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