It's never too late to improve customer experience & service

Written by Michael Smith on the 12th of October, 2017

As we rush headlong into Q4, retailers & brands will place fingers in ears and hope that planning, buying and promotion delivers against expectation. Black Friday (24th November), is predicted to be as big as ever and if 2016 is anything to go by, so will the range of problems created by the event.

Issues encountered by customers during 2016 ranged from the technical e.g. access to websites, checking-out shopping carts online; to consumer perceptions - customers questioning whether the deals delivered value through to a criticism retailers were using it to off-load old stock.

Whatever the permutation and combination of issues, be prepared for a deluge of inbound call traffic to contact centres, a maelstrom of brand-bashing on social media and a flood of emails and chats chasing unfulfilled goods that distribution has not kept up with.

Stakeholders who are measured in terms of sales, retention and CSAT scores must take ownership of inbound customer journeys and deploy technologies that are capable of consolidating customer inbound enquiries, provide customers  with the ability to self-manage and manufacture up-to-date content to support agents with first-time resolution.

Smart retailers recognise that SaaS solutions can be deployed without necessarily ‘touching the sides’ from an IT perspective. Whilst you may still require some ‘smoke & mirrors’ to extract information from other departments, there is still time to deploy solutions that can sensibly manage workflows and deflect enquiries in a satisfactory way.

So before it is too late, cast your eye over customer service channels, from website to store and back into the business and think about how you might use technology to improve that experience.

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