Can retailers become nimble providers of heartening experience in 2018?

Written by Michael Smith on the 21st of November, 2017

Forrester’s ‘Why 2018 Is All About Customer Experience For The Retail Industry’ has something of a Groundhog Day feel about it. Breaking down siloes, unifying data and bringing physical and digital touchpoints together has been preached from the rooftops for several years now.

What the article seems to miss is that there is something far more fundamental that must happen if organisations are to take the advice on board and transform traditional or hybrid ways of working.

That is, the strategic focus of the business needs to move away from customer acquisition and towards building loyalty and incremental transactions through enhanced, heart-warming experiences.

For this to happen, organisations need to radically change the way they think about marketing. Marketing is now inherently linked to customer journeys and walking in the shoes and down the routes that they travel - which is essentially your omni-channel service and support infrastructure. You could say that moving forward, Marketing + Customer Service = Customer Experience. 

Forrester is quite right about breaking down the silos to maintain that single view but this is only possible if you have the courage to takeover from IT and ditch legacy software in favour of omni-channel solutions that join all the dots.

Traditional models of support are finished. Customer empowerment and experience is everything. Self-management, automation and content have become essential components (all a bit foreign to the IVR-driven world of yesteryear). The branded help-centre is now the hub of content, knowledge and support both for customers and support agents.

My Groundhog Day feeling is one of concern for brands ignoring this advice as if you think millennials are a challenge, wait until you have to think about winning the hearts and minds of the ‘digital-first, value-focused, brand-disloyal’ centennials.

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