Branded Help Centre: give people the red carpet treatment they deserve

Written by Michael Smith on the 5th of February, 2016

How we meet, greet and treat prospects and customers is important. Those first impressions are lasting impressions that can echo positively or negatively in social media, reviews and by word of mouth.

Yet many organisations still fall short when it comes to matching experience and customer support with brand promise. Go to many branded websites and they are selling but not servicing. ‘Help’ and ‘Support’ is relegated to a point 8 size reference at the foot of the website.

A customer must be able to easily engage with a brand the moment they arrive on a website or in a store - like a concierge opening the door and showing you into a Hotel foyer. This is the natural start of any customer journey.

Build an easily accessible, branded Help Centre and you create that concierge experience. Suddenly, you are capable of welcoming customers into your world and managing their expectations from the outset of their journey.

A recognisable, branded Help Centre is an obvious destination for customers to self-manage or get help from an agent or colleague. Used properly and unlike FAQs, it can be a dynamic knowledge base that gives agents and stores the power to offer real advocacy to customers in any channel, on any device.

Go one step further and integrate Chat, Voice, Email and Social into your Help-Centre and you can provide an omni-channel brand experience and simultaneously maintain a single view of the customer.

Our role as a service provider is turn make support part of the brand essence with the help of Zendesk’s technology. Using cross-functional workshops that involve customer service, marketing & IT, we set out to build, integrate and transform and then deploy and on-board with the least disruption to the organisation.

Zendesk is a red-carpet waiting to be rolled out. However, it needs external expertise and internal collaboration if you want to make sure your customers feel famous.

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