Why you must be able to personalise customer service at each and every touchpoint

Written by Michael Smith on the 14th of December, 2016

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Creating a joyous customer journey is the key to sustained success

As consumers, we share more data than ever. Because of this, we expect a personalised experience online, in store or when we reach out to customer support with a question, query or issue. 

So how can brands meet the requirements of each and every consumer? 

Especially as each and every generation seems to have a different view of what’s acceptable or invasive.

Take Millennials for instance. The generation most comfortable shopping online. This is the ‘self-help generation’. Managing expectation requires a constant view of their journey whether self-managing their own needs from a website or calling out on social media.

As we go up through the age profile, there's a notable change in attitude towards online shopping. First of all, there's a reluctance to share personal data which makes personalisation a challenge. Secondly, these generations are less comfortable when it comes to using digital channels or online support.

And when we examine behaviour in store, the dynamic changes once again. Twice as many millennials are likely to avoid store colleagues as they feel pressured to buy, than their older counterparts. So conversely, you will get more dialogue with older generations on the high street.

Which is why it’s necessary to be able to provide omni-channel customer support to each and every age-group, if you want to be able to reach one and all. Customer service is now as much about choice as shopping itself. We want to be able to choose how we communicate and if a brand can’t meet our demands, we’ll find one that can.

Building digital help-centres is no longer simply an online game. Technologies like Zendesk can be customised and modelled to help an agent or colleague act as a concierge or brand ambassador to consumers of all shapes and sizes whether online, in store, on the end of a telephone or reaching out on social.

Being able to reach out and hold the hand of the consumer either passively from a help-centre or actively via chat online or in store gives you the power to personalise your service to fit the customer.  But only if customers, agents and colleagues have access to helpful, personalised content and the capacity to access this real-time from any touchpoint.

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