'Chat sh*t, get banged' - why brands should take heed of Jamie Vardy's words of wisdom

Written by Michael Smith on the 30th of November, 2016

Chat Shit Get Banged

As Jamie Vardy proved last year, great service needs more than just 'chat'

In an attempt at improve home connectivity, I determined that yesterday was the day I was going to sign up to BT Infinity. So I naturally visited their website to see what packages were available to me.

Within seconds of arriving, a chat window pinged open to offer me support should it be required. Great stuff, I thought. BT have embraced the new world and this is going to be a rewarding experience. I should have known better. 

Having studied the packages available, my one and only question was around set-up fees. Entry level was £9.99, as was their top priced, Infinity 2 product. The mid-tier solution, Infinity 1 was  a whopping £59.99. I asked the agent in the chat function why the differential existed (an easy question you would have thought) and after much waffling around why he could not answer the question or pass this to someone who could, he provided me with an 0800 help number to call. Presumably so I could waste more time talking to a similarly, poorly trained and inadequately supported agent, and more time hanging on the end of the IVR.

Which begs the question of BT or any brand for that matter - why would you even bother to implement Live Person or any other chat tool if the only advice agents can offer is to call an 0800 number? 

The only way chat can be of any value is as a component part of an omni-channel help-desk, underpinned by a dynamic, content-driven knowledge base providing both customer self-management to deflect queries and a source of knowledge based on live experience so agents can rapidly answer questions.

Organisations need to wake up to the fact that omni-channel components like ‘chat’ are not gimmicks but are part of a consolidated inbound channel strategy devised to improve the customer journey and experience and support smarter consumers.

For me, I have little choice but to go with BT as Virgin Media have not reached me yet. In this instance, they aren't going to 'get banged', but is having a monopoly an excuse for offering such poor service?

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