Onboarding, education and support - why technology is best purchased as a service

Written by Michael Smith on the 1st of September, 2015

We live in an age of continual change much of which is driven by SaaS technology. In our personal lives, we readily embrace new applications and smarter ways of doing things.

However, in the workplace the rate of change can seemingly be glacial often resulting in ‘churn’ as colleagues fail to adopt and adapt. A recent survey placed 23% of the blame for ‘churn’ on poor onboarding, as opposed to 20% on poor performance of the product.

Our view is that they are one and the same thing which suggests that perhaps half of respondents are saying that the issue is ‘onboarding’. But is that the only issue?

If onboarding is a component of short-term change, then it’s only one component. What about the inherent nature of people in the workplace? Let’s face it, we don’t like change. We are all too busy and time-constrained to deal with it.

However, if someone is prepared to make this all happen for us then that’s different story. This is what providing ‘technology as a service’ is all about. We ‘deploy, educate and support’ SaaS services on a per user basis is to counter the forces that result in short-term ‘churn’ whilst at the same time ensuring that individuals or departments can derive clear benefit.

Deployment means making sure a technology is ‘fit for purpose’ in the workplace. By that, we mean setting it up correctly, customising it to a specific requirement or integrating with 3rd party software. Whether you are migrating to Google for Work, moving from Sage to Xero or consolidating your customer service into Zendesk, the individual application or total stack has to be properly deployed.

Education is an imperative. Launch day can be a disaster if your workforce arrive and do not understand how to access the tools they need to do their jobs properly. An hour’s training in the Boardroom on the Monday morning of launch will NOT suffice. It’s important that colleagues are introduced to new technology and educated in its use on a per user basis by people with a thorough understanding of the technology.

Support on a per user basis is a critical component in enforcing change. For every 1 support request there will be 4 people seeking self-service. This means your employees need longer-term access to a comprehensive, easy to use and up-to-date helpdesk and dynamic knowledge base to answer their individual questions.

An individual organisation cannot meet all of these challenges in-house which is why technology is increasingly being bought as a service. Outsourcing in this way is not expensive and from a cost-benefit basis, delivers rapid value. More importantly, it means everyone in your business can quickly learn how to access the broader benefits of cloud-technology.

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