Why moving to the cloud in 2015 is imperative to the future of SME business?

Written by Michael Smith on the 25th of November, 2014

Hands-up if you would like to grow your business in 2015? Better still, how would you like to achieve that growth without too much incremental cost or risk? We all know its tough in January when it comes to the ‘big push’ in January. New objectives, new targets, new staff, not enough time in day and the constant feeling that you are sinking under a stack of paper-based issues.

If that’s how you see the New Year then its time to make a significant change in your way of working by moving your business into the cloud. ‘Small business, big technology: How the cloud enables rapid growth in SMBs’, a recent Deloittes report commissioned by Google Apps for Work has shown that ‘companies with up to 750 employees will free up meaningful time, capital and resources if they move tools and applications off the desktop and into the cloud’.

But the most important finding of the report was that ‘use of cloud technologies is strongly correlated with rapid growth in SME’s’. And we ain’t talking marginal differences either: 21% higher gross profits delivered 26% faster!

So why are cloud-empowered business so much more efficient, effective and profitable when it comes to growth?

  1. Greater use of limited resources: cloud technology provides mobility, ability to work remotely and collaborative tools that far exceed any hybrid tools cobbled together with remote desktop - so no need for additional headcount or office-based admin - just get your team to create more time with tech and increase output.
  2. Low risk scalability without disruption: it’s a lot easier to manage change, move to a flexible or mobile model for human resource on an ad hoc basis and maintain management control within existing budgetary constraints. In other words, you can hire good people on the other side of the globe full or part-time and still manage them remotely.
  3. No more heavy capital or operating cost associated with hardware software and maintenance: subscription-based monthly charging means no upfront costs and optimised support costs. The days of paying upfront for desks, desktops, a multitude of software licences and a bloke to come in and fix them when they break is over!
  4. Increased access to markets and improved customer-focus: a business can attract, manage and serve customers outside its locality; it can use technology to have frequent virtual contact with customers and track satisfaction. Even better, you can do business on another continent without even ever having a face-to-face (for instance, we have customers in USA, Africa and Europe - all closed online).

The stark reality of course is that many businesses are not recognising the growth opportunity and threat presented by the cloud. There are successful businesses that have operated for years using old technology and established practices that still laugh when you suggest that they should move a server off premise and replace with Google for Work; or, suggest that they start using Xero instead of Sage.

There are also businesses that see their legacy technology as sunk cost and for the time being do not want to have to start all over again in the cloud because quite frankly it isn’t broken and the clouds a bit scary.

These businesses should be worried - because there is a whole new generation of dynamic entrepreneurs, even ambitious employees who will be looking at their fat underbellies and thinking, ‘I want piece of that, only I’m going to make it easier to manage and more profitable’. So if you want to learn how to safely and securely move your business tools and applications to the cloud, then come and have a virtual chat meeting with us and we help you understand how this can be achieved.

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