Why customer-care must realign to be able to communicate with consumers

Written by Michael Smith on the 2nd of December, 2014

According to a recent article published by McKinsey, an EU telecommunications company seeking to reduce the cost of customer service operations but worried that it might lose revenue from cross-selling as a result, was startled to discover that 70% of its customer-base could be contacted using digital solutions. The happy end to this story was a reduction in costs of 30% with no impact of revenue.

This revelation should not come as a surprise, as we are all now using our tablet and mobile devicesto scour the internet for best deals and then resorting to social media, chat or mail to either express or delight or vent our spleens when we have issues.

Of course, this is not simply a matter of adding digital solutions to traditional call-centre solutions. If you want to achieve lower operational cost and increase satisfaction, then it is important to ensure that you are able to transform in a way that leaves avenues of choice open to your loyal customers rather than forcing them down a single route.

Digital service therefore has to be multi-channel combining live agents with other channels such as chat, email and social media. It is important to recognise that multi-channel is not purely about offering a single mode of communication to the customer.

For instance, customers have a tendency to move from one channel to another when buying or resolving issues. You might as an example, search and buy online or try and self-manage service issues via a knowledge base. You may then resort to mail for an answer. This may in turn result in a call (either from or even to you). You might even ‘tweet’ (people will resort to twitter to either to escalate if slow response or to exalt if delighted with service).

What is evident from the organisation’s perspective is that it is important to track, manage and measure customer communication throughout the journey and real time in all channels.

Platforms like Zendesk are ideal frameworks for organisations seeking to improve customer satisfaction and reduce cost by revolutionising the management of the customer journey. Not only does allow the rapid roll-out of multi-channel, e-care but more importantly it provides the data through its back-end to track and measure the effectiveness of cross-channel care. This is very important when it comes to reducing costs and improving cost-effectiveness. By going multi-channel, you can effectively reduce your call-costs and volumes by 25-30%!

The important point with all of this is that e-care is not a bolt-on capability. As a Zendesk partner, our involvement in customisation stretches from portal to integrating hosted-voice into the platform to enable inbound and outbound calls to be managed from the platform.

If you would like us to figure out how you can look at change the way in which you manage the customer journey with a more digital approach to customer service, then book a date out in our e-calendar and we can demonstrate some of its benefits.

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