Why buying technology as a service is a game changer for your business

Written by Michael Smith on the 21st of October, 2014

Technology as a Service - demystifying and removing the SH out of IT

IT deployment has been practiced as a dark-art for decades. Continuing to sell it this way is the only way consultants and systems integrators can keep charging upfront installation fees and maintain healthy profit margins for desktop support and maintenance. However, the advent of disruptive, cloud-based technologies is turning their world on its head.

Previously, IT was a ‘man in a van' or ‘many vans’ service with lots of cabling, hardware and hours of installing network and software across a bunch of desktop machines. With the advent of cloud applications, this has become a lighter touch, hardware-free setup and migratory process whereby apps are accessed via signing into services on secure servers over the web on any device from any place you fancy. The old world is still trying to hang in there by selling clunky, remote desktop services but the writing is already on the wall and sooner or later desktop software will be designated to Room 101.

So why aren’t we all rushing headlong into the cloud? The benefits are clear enough whether its increased mobility, cost-savings or improvements in general business efficiency. The simple answer is we are time-constrained and a little worried that these disruptive technologies might disrupt our own working lives. Which is the reason we are seeing the rise of ‘technology as a service’ businesses that are able work with organisations to support this transitional process.

Technology as a service is glue in the form of the outsourced resource and knowledge-base required to be able to piece together the applications required to transform a business from the desktop to cloud and then make sure they work more efficiently and effectively than old desktop software. It encompasses not only the deployment of the application but the education and support of people in the physical use a new application within the scope of their role from the moment they switch on their PC, laptop or tablet.

If we take the example of Google for Work™, its a terrific application that is the foundation stone for a whole stack of SME apps like Xero, Capsule, & Zendesk and in this way it knocks the socks off Microsoft 365 not only in terms of functionality but also flexibility. However, if you want to be able to embed it as a technology in your without creating resonance amongst your team, then it needs to be properly set-up and your end-users need training and one-to-one support from people who are qualified to do this. And because as a species we don’t really like change, then the same will go for any application that you want to deploy.

Technology as a service is the only way in which a business can seamlessly integrate new technology without it impacting on existing performance. Being a low-cost subscription service, it is more cost-effective and efficient than employing in-house resource and is universally available to end-users. Continuity of support also insures that the people who deployed the solution for you remain accountable for making it work within the organisation.

In the old world, IT was dropped in with perhaps a ½ day’s training which was of little use to anyone - that 90% of Office users only use 10% of its functionality is a telling statistic. Technology delivered as a service will insure your business against this ever happening again. By making this a low-cost, subscription-based service for the individual, a technology service provider like Appamondo can ensure that any future investment in technology delivers value throughout the period in which it is being utilised.

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