The Pop-Up Helpdesk - the perfect way of keeping your customers happy this Christmas

Written by Michael Smith on the 23rd of September, 2014

Its not just call-centres that have capacity issues at Christmas #nativity

Headlines like this ‘Online Shopping Surge Causes Christmas Gift Delay’ mean only one thing for an online shopping or service Helpdesk - a peak in inbound call-traffic.

In fact, at Christmas it’s not only online retailers but a range of businesses who see a surge in demand. Householders seeking to get maintenance or repair work completed before Christmas can create a spike for service centres, as can adverse weather. Add this to the fact that headcount will be reduced throughout the holiday period and your brand or company’s Inbound Call Management solution is unlikely to be unable to deal with increased inbound enquiries with before, during and after Christmas.

The advent of a cloud Helpdesk solution like Zendesk however, means that any business can now manage its flow of enquiries across multiple channels using live ticketing whether the inbound enquiry be voice, email or social media. And for the first time this year, we can integrate a contact centre solution into Zendesk’s platform to allow instant customer recognition allow agents to immediately identify who the customer and understand their history from a single dashboard and click to dial or SMS from the customer information in Zendesk.
Having everything coming into one place on a single platform is one benefit. Another is the fact that this solution is 100% in the cloud and therefore eminently scalable either upwards or downwards from month-to-month. It becomes easy and economical to setup temporary or remote agents for a monthly charge - no expensive hardware or desktop technology required. Just set up a licence and either integrate with a hosted-voice seat and your new starter is alive and kicking from any location and device, able to take calls, know who the customer is and what you provide to them as soon as a call comes in. And we can add-in all the features you need to go with this whether its call recording (matched and attached to every ticket), call transfer and reporting in order that you have full visibility of performance.
So what you have is the best Christmas present your company or brand could ask for - the Ultimate Pop-Up Call-Centre. Putting this in place involves little or no capital cost - it can be purely set up on a subscription basis for a limited period making it easy for a CFO or Finance Director to sign-off.
In partnership with our friends at Zendesk, we are offering demonstrations of this solution on a one-to-one basis. If you are a new customer looking for a Pop-Up Helpdesk or even an existing Zendesk user but want to find out how you can integrate a contact centre into the solution, then get in touch.

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Image source: Nan Palmero; Flickr, CC2.0

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