Take the Tube strike in your stride - collaborate remotely, meet online and access your business in the cloud.

Written by Michael Smith on the 5th of February, 2014

MIND THE GAP! - avoid losing 2 days productivity with cloud tech.

Today’s Tube strike has no doubt been an inconvenient and disruptive event for businesses large and small. Yet its impact can on the whole be avoided if as a business you have the means to work remotely. However, most employees are still only able to operate properly if they are chained to the desktop.

So how can you use technology to beat the strike? Here are 4 ways you can make sure its business as usual.

1. Move your critical business applications to the cloud.

First, you need to be in a position to carry on regardless. That means your employees need to be able to access email and documents, finance & accounting applications, customer databases and manage inbound enquiries from their own PC, laptop, tablet & mobile at home. Applications such as Google Apps for Work ™, Xero, Capsule & Zendesk provide this capability.

2. Have the ability to collaborate remotely with internal and external contacts.

Being able to continue to collaborate and have meetings from a remote location is of vital importance if you want to keep the plate spinning. Using collaboration tools inherent in Google Drive, you can share documents and work on them remotely. You can even run meetings with Google Hangouts™ on a face-to-face basis.

3. Keep finance & accounting ticking over by using cloud accounting tools.

Legacy financial software is desktop & server dependant. An event like a strike means that if you finance team don’t get in they can still operate effectively creating and sending out invoices, collecting cash and even knocking out the management accounts using a cloud-based application like Xero.

4. Deal with customers and client enquiries by routing calls out to your team at home.

There’s nothing worse than unattended phones. Missed calls equals missed opportunity or worse still, losing existing customers. If you use a helpdesk application like Zendesk you can manage calls in and out from any location using cloud-based numbers to route the traffic to mobiles or home numbers or capture messages and create tickets auto-mailed out remote users to pick up immediately. This can be easily overlaid across a CRM tool like Capsule to pull up customer records remotely and update when appropriate. It also can be setup to record all calls, again remotely.

Image Source; Ofer Deshe, Flickr.com, C2.0

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