Savvy customers - how technology use at home is changing the face of customer-service.

Written by Michael Smith on the 10th of October, 2014

The sort of voice call that Zendesk can help you get from your customers

Hands-up if you haven’t got an Ipad or Tablet at home? Not many, I'm guessing. If your family is like mine, then there is always something happening on a whole bunch of mobile devices at any one time. Watching YouTube videos, Instagram, catching up on the news, watching BBC IPlayer because I don’t like what my wife is watching on the bigger screen.

Because we are banking, shopping and booking stuff on these devices, we naturally want to use them to manage our customer service requirements or issues. Let’s face it, we HATE making a call to our favourite brand because the 0845 or 0800 line costs a small fortune to call from mobile and is set-up to make you frustrated and the inbound telephony provider a lot of wonga.

The nett result is that people are more comfortable and want to be able to interact with companies across multiple channels. However, to be able to empower customers to choose either email, phone, in store, online chat, or social media requires a seamless and consistent approach across all channels in order that customer communication can be captured centrally, reviewed and responded to in a timely and efficient manner.

So are organisations listening to the voice of the people and changing the way they work? Loudhouse, an independent research agency, surveyed 7,000 consumers in seven countries (U.S., U.K., Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, and Japan) and found a large gap between customers expectations of customer service and what companies are actually delivering. 67% of online shoppers surveyed made purchases that involve multiple channels in the past six months; however, 87% said that brands needed to work harder to create a seamless experience for customers.

What really is interesting is that the multi-channel approach only works if you can bring all of these customer conversations into a single place and ensure that they are dealt with properly. Because the research also showed that when an email goes unanswered,71% of customer would then call, when social media goes unanswered, 55% would then call and when a phone call goes unanswered,54% would call again. And you don’t want that to happen, do you.

Which is why we like Zendesk so much - because it brings everything into one place, creates a ticket and through some clever automation ensures that the ticket is solved by the right person . But like any cloud-based, next generation service, its only going to make you more efficient if it is made to work properly. That means streamlining all communication in and out of one place, raising and responding to tickets on time and turning all these interactions into a knowledge-base that can be the start of your customer community.

Alas, we still come across businesses who use Zendesk in a very 2-dimensional fashion. But if you are prepared to take the time then everything from your CRM system to your phone system can be integrated into this application to ensure that you have seamless inbound and outbound communication from a single point.

If you want to be as savvy as your customers (which you will need to be if you want to retain their loyalty), then get in touch and we can show you very simply how it could make your helpdesk run more smoothly and cost-effectively or if you are an existing Zendesk user, show you how to integrate it with voice & CRM applications.

References: Loudhouse (Nov 2013) Zendesk; Omnichannel customer service report

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