Remote working made simple - how agility and flexibility only comes with a 100% web business

Written by Michael Smith on the 10th of June, 2014

I recently heard the tale of a man who in 2004 took a role in Central London having been made redundant in the North. Reluctant to move his family South and being tight with money, he kept costs down by camping in Maidenhead and canoeing into work via the Thames in a suit. Bizarre, true and with the advent of cloud technology, avoidable!

SME & Enterprise businesses already recognise that they have to be more flexible with people and operate remote services to enable access to mail, documents and limited business applications. However as those of us who have had to use remote desktop know, it is an unreliable, frustrating and time-consuming way of accessing information.

If you want to be truly 100% web and by that we mean able to access any and every application in your business remotely without funnelling everything through clunky desktop sessions, then you need to ensure that your applications are hosted on the most powerful platform on the planet, not on a server in your office or on a bunch of servers in Docklands.

Google Apps for Work is not just a very powerful and collaborative replacement for Office, Outlook and Exchange ,it is also the foundation stone on which you can seamlessly place other mission-critical applications such as finance & accounting, CRM and customer helpdesk. All accessible through a single browser!

The combined processing power of Google’s servers means that even with a slow broadband connection, you can easily access, collaborate and work on Mail, Drive and Calendar because connectivity is just a means of leaving the building. The processing takes place in the cloud.

The same goes if you have signed into applications such as Xero, Capsule or Zendesk via Google Apps. You can be up and working very quickly without your session ceasing and with autosave, even if the session did suddenly stop everything would be updated.

With the cloud comes huge flexibility. But you have to change the rules to take advantage.

That means your people need access 24/7/365 to your business on whatever device is convenient to them at the time. If you want to tap into a national or global pool of talent, you cannot tether them to legacy IT that is geographically, hardware or seat-license dependant.

Our customers often operate across territories as far afield as Africa and the US. Some have important business unit heads based in the EU managing teams in the UK. They can only do this effectively with a 100% web approach to their business.

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