No more paper, please! Affordable, e-Proof Of Delivery on mobile or tablet for business.

Written by Michael Smith on the 18th of August, 2014

‘Man in van or wagon’ has never been great with documentation relating to deliveries. The notes themselves are still paper-based for many SMBs and even enterprise businesses. Where they are not, it has usually involved a business purchasing a whole bunch of expensive, Star-Trek-esque gizmos to gain get that all important and auditable signature and proof of delivery.

However, with Smart Phones, Tablets and technological advancements in mobile applications for business it is now possible to adopt affordable alternatives to paper or hardware-engineered proof of delivery solutions. With the advent of Bring Your Own Device, this adds a new dimension to how a SMB manages this aspect of business. it also provides the opportunity to build in additional features around this process to extend efficiencies into other parts of the delivery process. E.g. Geo-Tracking, Sign on Glass, Barcode Scanning and Photo Capturing.

Here are five reasons why you might want to get in touch to talk about how we can help you:

1. Attain 100% Proof Of Delivery compliance

Electronic distribution removes risk that PODs are forgotten, lost or destroyed. Our application makes sure that processes are executed (and saved) on your mobile device or tablet, with the PDF version emailed to you and the customer automatically. On top of this this, fewer deliveries can be disputed due to our incorporating Geo-Tracking, Sign on Glass, Barcode Scanning and Photo Capturing.

2. Improve cash flow and lower costs

Instant proof of delivery equates to immediate processing and quicker invoicing. This will invariably improve cash flow. It will also lower the cost of administering deliveries through automating process.

3. Avoid human error

Inputting information into a form is prone to error. In a data-driven society, vehicle-based paper is one of the last items remaining in a paperless supply chain. Removing errors by pre-populating with an electronic app can also lead to reduction in time spent dealing with re-inputting data.

4. Increase efficiency

By reducing the time required to administer a delivery, you can increase the number of deliveries per driver per day. You can also use the Geo-tracking feature to integrate the driver scheduling into the app, thus being able to not only navigate the fastest routes, but also allowing you greater insight and control over the where your drivers are at all times.

5. Eco-friendly

Apart from the cost saving involved in getting those proforma delivery notes in multi-parts printed, you are also reducing consumption of paper. Did you know that the average employee used 10,000 sheets of paper per annum?

Our e-POD app is available online or offline for IOS or Android devices.

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