Eradicating human error - goal-line technology for business

Written by Michael Smith on the 16th of June, 2014

Seeing goal line technology in action for the first time at the World Cup last night during the France v Honduras game made me realise how important its role has become in eliminating costly human error. If you want this corroborating, ask Frank Lampard.

Yet it took its time coming even though it was in existence just waiting to be used. And so it is with technology and SME business in the UK.

Many businesses carry on using the same old desktop and paper-based manual processes they have used for years. Decision-makers can be dismissive of new technology, usually due to a combination of fear and inertia, whilst others believe that they are simply too busy to give it a moments consideration.

The adoption of new technologies such as Google Apps for Work and other cloud-based applications deliver many benefits but the one that I believe is fundamental to any SME is ‘automation’.

And by automation, I mean the ability to ensure that processes are put in place and then executed on a regular and timely basis. This removes the risk of human error and creates additional time for employees to take on board additional task.

Take our own billing process - a mission critical task. This a wholly paperless process driven through Xero. Even the direct debit mandate is paperless and the cash collection automated to the extent that is automatically reconciles to bank each month.

More importantly, the applications that we use are all integrated to provide information about a prospect or customer on a single dashboard available on any device to all team members if necessary. Using other apps, such as Zendesk and Capsule with Xero and Google Apps, we can ensure all and any information is automatically pulled into a dashboard from email, helpdesk, CRM or billing without any manual update of databases required!

Essentially, technology can remove mundane, repetitive tasks from people by automating them and eliminating the risk that they will for whatever reason forget or make errors. Which means like France last night and unlike England in the last World Cup, they will get the right result.

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