Building a customised mobile application for a mobile workforce.

Written by Michael Smith on the 30th of July, 2014

Managing and maintaining a mobile team of engineers, surveyors or even just delivery drivers is a plate-spinning task for any business. Assuming 100% turnout every week, you have the task of working out who does what, goes where and how you manage cancellations or escalations. On top of that, you have to provide destinations details and post-codes, there are job sheets, tracking and auditing of work to completion, sometimes taking pictures of installations and then getting sign-off from the customer.

Currently, this type of workflow is managed using outbound telephony, mobile, email and a lot of paper. Once this is all completed, someone has to then ensure that it is all updated back at head office.

There is now a far simpler way of making all of this happen using a single application on a mobile or tablet. By customising our mobile application platform to suit the needs of a specific workflow, we can give you the branded tools to be able to manage all of these processes more efficiently, effectively and without paper. Even better, we can even integrate the application into your business operating systems and software including Salesforce, Sage, Microsoft 365, Google Apps for Work™ etc.

Here are 5 key processes involved with these types of task which can be automated and captured on a device:

1. Using Google Maps, you can send out locations, guide to locations and fix at location in order to verify visit.
2. Data capture and amendment can be done either on the device, in the cloud or from an on premise application.
3. Assuming you deploy the correct device, you can also take a photo and attach this as part of the date submission.

4. Barcode or QR code scanning enables data can be imported in a matter of taps.



5. Finally, ‘sign on glass’ allows users to review T&Cs and get sign-off without the requirement for paper or a separate device

The most interesting aspect of this is the development cost. Norbert Dentressangle recently boasted of spending a 6-figure sum in building this type of technology. Ok, its a pretty big enterprise and there may be many bells and whistles but our cost-model is in reach of most SMBs. If you are serious about this, we might even build you a prototype to test before you make the plunge.

And it doesn’t have to be the activities above. We can more or less customise the platform to work for any number of workflows and processes including loan origination, capturing customer information, health visits, fleet management, vehicle servicing, parcel tracking and smart meter management to name but a few.

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