2014 is the year of the cloud for SMBs!

Written by Michael Smith on the 7th of January, 2014

Image by Ben Sutherland, CC2.0
Getting out of your blocks in 2014.

Watching the Australians demolish England in the final test made me realise why you have to get off to a flying start in any New Year and to show real resolve.

Out with the old, in with the new.

The New Year offers a new start and an opportunity to take on challenges while everyone is fresh. If you want to ring the changes and get your team to embrace new technology and new ways of working, then there is never a better time to this than January.

Make a change in 2014.

Before everyone gets too comfortable in January, why not consider taking a step towards going 100% cloud in 2014. The productivity and cost benefits could be huge and if you talk to us about how we can make it work for your team and specific business, then we can ensure that it happens without disruption.

Some business benefits from cloud working.

1. Go paperless - the perfect way of removing all clutter from your office. Reduce the cost of stationery & maintaining the printer, reduce the need for storage space and cluttered up desks

2. Get rid of your server - why on earth do you need one? Get everything in the cloud and accessible on any device, anywhere at any times. Think of how much you will save in power and maintenance costs!

3. BYOD and home-working - If you want to scale it can save you buying a desk, a swivel chair and enable you to tap into a national or international pool of talent. Mail, Calendar and Drive in the cloud enables universal access and provides the ability to collaborate remotely.

4. Make your meetings virtual (or at least some of them) - ban meetings for meetings sake! Why drag people into an office or hotel or travel 200 miles to press-the-flesh. Use video conferencing.

5. Become immune to disaster- having watched a re-run of The Terminator 2 over the holidays and suffered from the chronic wind, we realise that technology can protect you from danger. If you choose the right cloud-service, then you get your disaster recovery thrown in for nothing!

6. Get rid of your office - might sound mad, but there are plenty of people who now run businesses without a commercial property.

Join us in the cloud!

And my final piece of advice and take it or leave it...think long and hard before you renew any legacy software licences for your employees in 2014 - either desktop stuff or email. It doesn't have to be this way! Out with the legacy and in with the cloud!

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