The Product

Zendesk transforms the way in which companies interact with customers and provide help and support, both externally and internally. Customisable by vertical or use case, the software uses time-saving tools to create more productive relationships with customers and colleagues whilst maintaining a single view of the customer at all times.

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Our Process

Building a digital help desk and transforming the way agents, colleagues and customers interact is both an art and a science. As a Zendesk partner, we provide bespoke solutions to enable organisations to support and maintain a single view of customers. We have delivered far greater value than simply omni-channel care. Our goal is to design, develop, deploy and support in a way that accelerates growth and transforms the way organisations interact with customers.


The Journey

Scope requirements, carve out objectives, and turn into a defined project plan, with suitable phases for delivery.

Build and Customization

Build customised solutions incorporating applications, integrations and reporting tools capable of incrementally improving customer and colleague satisfaction.


Designated mentors work with your team to provide training and best practice. This mentoring program allows for faster integration of Zendesk into your organisation and will maximize your company's efficiency.

Our Services

Our Zendesk services proposition is designed to help you create a more nimble and agile help-desk transforming the way in which support is delivered to smart customers in multiple channels.

Professional Services

We help organisations realise the full potential of Zendesk through a professional approach to the design, build and on-boarding of an omni-channel help-desks that can immediately create brand differentiation and competitive advantage.

Our Zendesk services proposition is designed to help you create a more nimble and agile help-desk transforming the way in which support is delivered to smart customers in multiple channels.

Scoping and Specify

Help-desk Build and On-board

Help-centre Build and On-board

Support and Extend Use Case

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Development & Technical Services

As SaaS technologies sit at the forefront of enterprise technology stacks, integrating legacy software into Zendesk’s cloud-based layer is an imperative. 

By creating customisations, software integrations and building bespoke plug-ins and extensions with Zendesk API, we can genuinely create USPs and advantage in specific vertical markets

CRM Integration

Custom-built and Market-place Applications

Intra-company Software Layer

Enterprise Voice Integration

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Case Studies and Testimonials

Find out how we have deployed technology as a service to transform ways of working and accelerate growth in customer organisations by reading our series of insightful case studies.

Additional Services

We deliver and support cloud services for organisations seeking to transform ways of working including enterprise voice integrations for Zendesk, G Suite and other cloud-related applications. In all cases, we provide set-up, on-boarding and support packages for your business to ensure your colleagues can adopt and adapt.


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